We have changed the market for animatronic dinosaurs in many ways.

Some of the key areas of improvement are as follows:

  • We use electronic motors to operate the dinosaurs, rather than air compressors. This allows for more realistic creature movements, including but not limited, to allowing the larger dinosaurs to breathe and blink realistically. To experience the dinosaurs in full working order, simply plug them in. 

  • We work with some of the world's leading paleontologists to create scientifically accurate creatures. Other companies have so-called dinosaur experts, but they are no match for our PhD accredited partners. 

  • Our expert artists hand-craft and hand-paint each and every dinosaur, so no two are alike.  Any creature can be fully customized for any and all requests. 

  • We use specially created fire retardant foam for the outer dinosaur layer, which not only allows for more realistic movement, but is far more resistant to wear and the elements. 

  • Full CAD designed drawings are available for all creatures.  If you are having your creatures custom-built by us, you will have the ability to see and sign off on all aspects of creation. 

  • In our opinion, having the best product is not enough. Dinoscapes was shocked by the prices charged by other suppliers. We are excited to offer you a quote for your new exhibit which we are sure will be significantly more affordable.  Additionally, if you are interested in minimizing upfront payments, we are happy to discuss revenue sharing to suit your organization's specific needs. 

  • We encourage you to ask for a quote on your next exhibit.  We would be happy to make an appointment to meet you at Mystic Aquarium, if you would like to see our current exhibit showcased. 

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